Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Wimberley, Texas...A Great Place To Call Home

Wimberley, Texas...deep in the Texas Hill Country.

While a small town of barely 3,000 people, it's not an unknown town. A very popular spot for a vacation. The rolling hills and beautiful creeks and rivers make for an amazing location for all ages to visit throughout the year.

A charming town with a perfect downtown area complete with shops, restaurants, and down to earth people. An area that was almost destroyed on several occasions during Spring floods throughout the years. The citizens of Wimberley are strong willed and determined to keep their home built.

Many flock to the Hill Country town for a weekend Summer or even a quick day trip to enjoy several swimming holes, or their famous Market Days, an enormous gathering of vendors every first Saturday of the month.

Just miles from neighboring Dripping Springs, and less than an hour to downtown Austin. Where you have the ability to enjoy the quiet, slower lifestyle in the country, but be within reach of the city and anything you could desire.

But it's not just a town to visit or vacation to. It's become a growing area for families looking for that different area and way of living. With tremendous schools, safe streets, and proximity to everything else needed, Wimberley is a fantastic option for your family as a permanent home. The Wimberley real estate market offers a wide range of options, including stunning water front homes that some only dream of living in.

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